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Terms & Conditions

.  “Taxpayer” is an individual or entity that is obligated to make payments to income tax department or one who files Income Tax Return, whether electronically or manually, under Income Tax Act 1961.

.  “e-Return Intermediary (ERI)” are entities who are authorized to e-file Income Tax Returns on behalf of taxpayers. ERI's are authorized by Income Tax Department (ITD).

.  “Authorised Person” means the person who files Income Tax Return on behalf of Taxpayer other than e-Return Intermediary (ERI) and authorised person must have obtained permission to file Income Tax Return on behalf of Taxpayer.

.  iSPEEDTax is a product developed by iSPEED of THOUGHTS INVENTION PVT LTD which is a government approved e-Return Intermediary (ERI). Your income tax returns will be filed by iSPEED of THOUGHTS INVENTION PVT LTD as an ERI (e-return intermediary) of the Income Tax Department of India; ERI registration number 100000000000149
All information received is entire confidential, and can only be used after acquiring permission of the taxpayer. By clicking Terms & Conditions taxpayer has given permission to iSPEED of THOUGHTS INVENTION PVT LTD to access information relating to income tax return.

Taxpayer’s must has obliged:

  1. .  To make sure that the PAN or TAN number quoted is authentic
  2. .  To make sure that all information relating to TDS, tax paid in advance and self-assessment taxes are authentic in relation with the submitted documents
  3. .  To make sure that the taxpayer has entered and confirmed the correct details on the physical tax return form
  4. .  To make sure that the data or information relating to tax returns is accurate prior to submission
  5. .  To make sure the returns are filed electronically on or prior to the filing date


  1. Responsibility to Be Honest

    Taxpayers have the responsibility to report their income, deductions, and credits accurately according to the law; to answer all questions completely, accurately, and honestly; and to explain all relevant facts and circumstances to Income Tax Department in case of scrutiny.

  2. The Responsibility to Provide Accurate Information

    Taxpayers have the responsibility to answer all relevant questions completely and honestly, to provide all required information on a timely basis, and to explain all relevant facts and circumstances when seeking guidance from the income tax department.

  3. The Responsibility to Keep Records

    Taxpayers have the responsibility to maintain adequate books and records to fulfill their tax obligations, preserve them during the time they may be subject to Income Tax inspection, and provide with access to those books and records when asked so the Income Tax Department can examine their tax liabilities to the extent required by law.

  4. The Responsibility to Pay Taxes on Time

    Taxpayers have the responsibility to pay the full amount of taxes they owe by the due date and to pay any legallycorrect additional assessments in full. If they cannot pay in full, they have the responsibility to comply with all terms of any full or partial payment plans the Income Tax Department agrees to accept.

  5. The Responsibility to Be Courteous

    Taxpayers have the responsibility to treat Income Tax Department personnel politely and with respect.

If you are authorised person, filing Income Tax Return on behalf of any taxpayer, you must be authorised by taxpayer to file this return.In case misuse is detected, iSPEEDTax will assist the authorities of the Government of India.